A Memoir of Rehabilitation International’s Centenary 1922-2022

Rehabilitation International Asia & Pacific Regional Conference

26 (Wednesday) - 28 (Friday) June 2019 Macau


Fuhong Society of Macau
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Membership & Application

To apply for RI membership, you will need to:

Submit to the RI Secretariat in New York a signed application with the organization’s Annual Report, two years budget, organizational chart (if available), and a brief description of the purpose of the organization.

The organization applying must be organized in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the country in which it is legally based. The applicant may be asked to show proof of when it was established and legally registered. The Governing Assembly may request financial statements or other evidence to establish the ability of the applicant to pay an annual subscription to RI such as annual reports and yearly budgets for the organizations.

The term “country” in the Constitution will be interpreted in the manner judged to be in the best interests of assistance to persons with disabilities in the area concerned. The Governing Assembly may require independent verification of the information submitted by an applying organization. RI Regional representatives and or RI National Secretaries will be asked to contact the organization to make sure that it is in good standing in the country.

The membership application is processed online now. For your easier reference, the link of the Membership Application is copied below:

Application for Membership: https://www.riglobal.org/membership-application/